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The Landings New SeaFit Menu




Executive Chef Stephen James

The Sea-Fit menu has been brought to you with your health in mind. In cooperation with nutritionist Julie Freeman, Stephen is creating meals that are not only calorie-controlled but are made with quality organic meats and vegetables. Some of the recipes are from Julie’s cookbook,

“Feel Great Look Great….Balanced Eating for a Balanced Life” available on Amazon.

APPETIZERS 100 Calories

Spiced Peanut Dip w/crudites

Creamy low sodium peanut butter blended with sesame oil, garlic, sake and spices.

Served with an array of fresh veggies. 8

4 gm protien / 11 gm Carbs / 5 gm Fat


Stuffed Mushrooms

Fresh mushroom caps filled with a Duxelle then baked-en casserole. 7

16 gm Carb / 3 gm Fat


SOUPS AND SALADS 100 calories

Baked Vegetable Chowder

Fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini and chick-peas roasted with fresh garlic and herbs then simmered with fresh vegetable stock with a touch of milk and grated cheese. 6

6gm Protein / 13gm Carb / 2gm Fat

Feel Good Salad

Mixed greens tossed with a balsamic dressing. Garnished with cherry tomato, English cucumber and red onion. 6

10gm Carb / 12gm Fat

Sunshine Salad

Cooked quinoa blended with mango, green onion, cranberries and chopped parsley. Tossed with a light vinaigrette and shredded lettuce. 7

10gm Carb / 12gm Fat



Asian Noodle Stir -Fry

200 calories (350 with toppings)

Fresh yellow Oriental lo-mein noodles quickly stir -fried with onion, carrots, celery

and red peppers then tossed with a light teriyaki glaze. 14

31gm Carb / 7gm Fat

           Add Tofu 4                      Add Grilled Chicken 4                     Add Shrimp 7

13gm Protein / 4 gm Carb             26gm Protein / 3gm Fat                 30gm Protein / 2gm Fat

                                           Szechuan Salmon 350 Calories

North Atlantic organic salmon chargrilled. Brushed with an orange sesame soy glaze. Accompanied by Asian coleslaw and grilled broccolini. 18

                                      29gm Protein / 15 gm Carb / 15gm Fat

Beef Stroganoff 350 Calories

Julienne strips of all natural hormone and antibiotic fresh beef , pan seared with wild mushrooms. Deglazed with a touch of red wine then simmered in a beef broth enriched with crème fraiche.

Served with lightly buttered egg noodles. 17

                                               28gm Protein / 28 gm Carb / 8gm Fat


Granola Triffle 6 200 Calories

                                           16gm Protein / 25gm Carb / 4gm Fat

Fruit Cup 200 Calories

Fresh hand-cut fruit served with chopped nuts. 6

2gm Protein / 18gm Carb / 10gm Fat